Like, help the city man!

Idea: Pro- marijuana demonstration that helps the community. The polar vortexes of this winter have left many snowed and iced in. Governments do their best to help, but we all know they can’t… Continue reading

Green Landlords of the GTA

Why is it that only old houses are listed “Handyman Special”? There are tons of aging condos in the GTA that could be incredible investment potentials- especially if you gear towards renting to… Continue reading

Be okay with being really uncomfortable when talking about Rape Culture.

I used capitals on “Rape Culture” for a reason. It’s to get you to think about it as a specific thing- not your personal interpretation off it. Feel strange? Angry- defensive? Or even… Continue reading

Update on Golden Garbage

Someone already had the idea! Click on the link to contribute to their IndieGoGo: The Plastic Bank: Harvesting Waste Plastic to Reduce Poverty  

Recycle Me

Please. Products can ask to be recycled. I often wonder why toilet rolls never get recycled. It must be so sad for them to be the forgotten easily recyclable material. That they have… Continue reading

What Kensington Wants

Idea: Invite Loblaw’s to participate in Kensington’s community by inviting this billion dollar company to do something different with it’s brand; seeing what the community really needs. Kensignton Market doesn’t need another grocery… Continue reading

Fishing for Golden Garbage

Idea: A fishing company that catches garbage in the ocean, and disposes of it properly. Not convinced this is needed? Check this freaky shit: Other possibilities that make this idea awesome: Charity… Continue reading

Romanticising #IdleNoMore

Idea: Change the story of “The Native” in the Canadian collective memory through popular story telling. “We only have what we remember.”- Listener A History of Scotland documentary series by the BBC show’s… Continue reading


I am an idea person. Everyone is. We’re all just a jumble of ideas. My path has lead me to have ideas on ideas. I think about thinking. All. The. Time. My story… Continue reading